Soreness A’Coming…..

After this morning’s chest & back workout I will be surprised if I am not feeling it tomorrow. It was a great workout! I added in a bit more chest and back work and removed the couple of arm exercises. I will do arms on a separate day now, since they aren’t something I need to focus on as much anyways. Plus, there is the bonus of they naturally get worked with good back and chest moves anyways. I was even super energized and added in some plyometric drills in between sets. Yep, I am nuts! So here was today’s madness – enjoy reading my pain!

Superset 1
barbell bench
12×75# / 10×85# / 3sets 8×90#
barbell overhand row
12×65# / 10×75# / 3sets 8×85#
bench jumpsquat -4×10 reps

Superset 2 (weight/side)
hammer strength decline press 
12×25#  / 3sets 7×35#
hammer strength hi-row
12×35# / 3sets 8×45#
burpees – 4×8 reps

Superset 3
incline db fly
4sets 8×20#/side
cable row 
4 sets 8×85#
speedskaters – 3×15/leg

Superset 4
db pullover
3sets 10×25#
db bench (weight/hand)
10×30# / 8×30# / 10×25#
plyo lunge – 3×10/leg

intervals on treadmill
30sec walk @ 3.6mph
60sec run @ 8.2mph
repeated for 15 min total

followed by 15 min elliptical
level 8-10 / speed 6.0-7.0

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2 Responses to Soreness A’Coming…..

  1. SuperDots says:

    Yep, I am ready to go back to the gym! :-)(This thing is silly-it's telling me I have illegal character or some nonsense and won't let me post with wordpress name!)Dotsie

  2. Mandy says:

    Whew! Good workout, lady!! Way to go on those plyos in between… it looks like a giant interval workout all around!

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