What Freedom Has To Offer

Many of us today are reflecting on that day 8 years ago that for likely the first time had us questioning the stability of our freedoms. That day that showed us things are not always as safe as they seem. That bad things can happen without warning. It also reminded us of something we inherently value above many things – our freedom. What is freedom to you? I hope you took a moment today to ponder all that your freedom has offered you. I know I am thankful to have the freedom to my faith, to be a strong woman in pursuit of her goals, to have options and choices for what I feel is best for my family, among many other things. Consider your freedom today, be thankful for those who have fought to preserve it, remember those who suffered, died, or lost on that fateful 9/11/01, and refuse to take for granted the blessings in your everyday life. 

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