I love Saturdays and Sundays. Even though I know my diet isn’t as super restrictive as most competition diets, by ANY means, I still get pretty stark raving hungry living off approximately 1300 cals/day by the end of the week. And am always always always excited for my carb-up/refeed day. I consider myself lucky that my body responds very well to carbs. If I restrict them to much, things aren’t pretty and, after going moderately low all week, when I up the cals and carbs for a day each week I come out of it all renewed, refreshed, and feeling tighter and leaner to boot. Currently, on Monday-Friday I eat in the neighborhood of 1300 calories with 120-130g carbs each day. Then, on Saturday I go up to 1800 cals with 200g carbs. Ahhhhhhh……sigh of satisfaction that was. 😉 And on Sunday, I drop the cals back to 1300 range but keep the carbs up a bit more again at 150g. This approach has really been working well so far to keep me satisfied, seeing progress, and having the energy to keep up some intense workouts. I also like the fact that if my progress starts to slow down (which I have every expectation it will closer and closer to show – just a fact of dieting) I have LOTS of room to tweak things and drop carbs a bit here or there, as well as tightening up food choices, etc. But until then, I will enjoy my yummies.

Saturday’s Update
Macros – 206C / 46F / 134P
pre-cardio = coffee & 1sc Dymatize toffee protein powder
post-cardio = bowl of cereal (mix Kashi & Cinnamon Special K) w/ almond milk
lunch = chicken/lettuce/onion/mustard/pickles on sandwich thin, cucumber, strawberries
snack = apple, pb
dinner = sirloin, sweet potato, steamed broccoli
dessert = skinny cow icecream sandwich

Training – off
Cardio – another awesome spin class
Extra stuff – did some abs
3×15/side oblique twists
3×20 hip thrusts
3×15 stability ball cable crunch 30#
3x60sec hold bosu planks – thanks Mandy for the ab recs 😉

Sunday’s Update
Macros – 146 C / 31 F / 120 P
meal 1 = kashi waffles/sf syrup, chicken sausage, eggbeater omelet
meal 2 = ground turkey/taco season/ff cheese/salsa, cucumber, strawberries
meal 3 = pumpkin cheesecake loaf inspired by Kristin’s Eat Oxygen Blog 🙂 Thanks!
meal 4 = greek yogurt & pb “icecream” (4oz yogurt mixed w/ 1T pb frozen)
meal 5 = homemade roasted veggie pizza (low carb tortilla, tom sauce, vegs, lf cheese)

Training – Chest and Back (killed it!)
Cardio – off
Extra stuff – none
Circuit 1
wide grip latpulldown
12×85# / 2sets 8×100# / 6×100#dropset6x85#
incline bb bench
15×65# / 2sets 8×80# / 7×80#dropset8x65#
narrow grip latpulldown
12×75# / 2sets 8×85# / 7×85#dropset5x70#
incline db bench (weight/hand)
15×30# / 10×35# / 8×35# / 10×35#dropset5x25#

Circuit 2
underhand bb row
12×65# / 9×75# / 8×75# / 8×75#dropset7x65#
flat db flyes (weight/hand)
12×15# / 2sets8x20# / 7×20#dropset8x15#
wide grip cable row
12×55# / 3sets 8×60#
10×55# / 3sets 8×60#

Notes and Thoughts:

  • I had fun trying new concoctions today to be able to add to my diet repertoire. Kristin’s blog has lots of great ideas. And I have discovered that I do, in fact, like cottage cheese. I always used to HATE it!!!
  • I bought some exfoliator at the store today so I can start getting into that habit. I have to be sure my skin is smooth for the tanner. Which leads me to my other dilemma – use Jan Tana or Extreme Tan???  I know I need to get on ordering those supplies. 
  • I also need to start thinking about hair and makeup. For makeup should I go to a MAC counter and have them do a trial run for me. I know I was recommended a lot of MAC products the last time I prepped. For hair – I am clueless!
  • I made an appointment for a brazilian next week. EEEEKKKK!!! It will be my first and I know a trial run before having to get it done for the show will be a good move. So I’m doing it next week. 
  • I have redone my workout schedule where it leaves me without a full rest day each week – BUT I end up feeling MORE rested and refreshed. Since I enjoy splitting up my cardio and training as much as possible to get quality workouts in each time, this works well for me. It is NOT something I recommend by any means for typical living, but to get it all in these next 8 weeks and not feel overwhelmed on a daily basis I am going with it for now. I like having days where I have to worry about JUST cardio or JUST training. 🙂
  • I’m PUMPED for the next 8 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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4 Responses to Mmmmmm…..Food!

  1. Mandy says:

    OH cottage cheese!! I'm glad you found it again, LOL! And I'm also glad you got a little more food in your belly this weekend:) And I'm also very happy that you enjoyed my ab ideas :-)Brazillian…oowwwweeeee… I have never gone there, LOL. Megan told me a story about it from when she was in school and I think she has scared be away for life. LOL

  2. Anonymous says:

    WOO HOO for a skinny cow! And a great idea to get a Brazilian now, because you'll have less pain and irritation the second time. Oh lookie me posting here!!!Stacia!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    SIZZZLLLLEEEEEYou are looking absolutely AMAZING! I know you are going to bring a fab package to the stage! WHOOOTTYYYI'm so glad you enjoyed some good eats and extra carbs this weekend. Great workouts too!Have a great day!!!Amy

  4. SuperDots says:

    Whoa, you're kicking butt!I like your circuits–may steal 🙂 haha!I would try out MAC…I also like CARGO brand products, but I only see them in the salon I go to–Sephora sells their products, though. From what I understand, it's a "west coast thing" that somehow made it here, haha!Have fun with that Brazillian, muah ha ha ha!!!Dotsie

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