Yay for TBL Tuesday!!!

I am really, really happy it is Tuesday. I absolutely LOVE watching The Biggest Loser (aka TBL) and it starts a new season tonight. Watching the changes these people make is so inspiring and I am always thrilled to see people taking control of their lives to become healthier. Given, I don’t necessarily agree with all of the ways the show goes about getting progress for these people with such extreme measures, I still am an avid watcher to see the transformations these people make. I am sure there will be quite a few times something on that show sparks a discussion here – so be prepared. 😉 Another GREAT thing about TBL Tuesdays is my sister will be coming over to watch them with me every week (hopefully). She should be coming tonight and I look forward to it because she is one of my very best friends and I always enjoy spending time with her. 

In other news – today was a pretty basic day. Nothing too eventful at all. I got up and had my coffee/whey shake before hitting the gym for a cardio only workout (LOVE days where I only have to worry about ONE thing). During the day, I did some playing with Makenzie, cleaning, food prep, reading, eating (all ON plan of course), and fiddling with the blog so I could add some link pages to pictures/about me/workouts/etc (found at the top of my blog), and that’s about it. I wish it wasn’t so icky here because it would have been nice to get out for a stroll around the neighborhood now that fall weather is starting to creep in – which I am so so thrilled about. Fall has become my favorite season over the past few years because of the numerous fun and comforting activities during such a beautiful season. So that’s all I have to report now. I hope you all have had Terrific Tuesdays as well 🙂

Macros – 132 Carbs / 142 Protein / 34 Fat
meal 1 = coffee, Dymatize toffee pp, 4oz unsweetened chocolate almond milk
meal 2 = omelet (southwestern eggbeaters/mushrooms/TJ’s jalapeno chicken sausage), strawberries, small plum, coffee
meal 3 = ground turkey/taco season/salsa/ff cheese, cucumbers, carrots
meal 4 = All The Whey chocolate pp w/ 8oz unsweetened chocolate almond milk, apple & pb
meal 5 will be = chicken & chinese veggie stir fry
meal 6 (dessert during TBL) will be = pumpkin pie “icecream” (see below)

Im trying a new concoction that I am hoping tastes yummy!
1/2c cottage cheese, 1/4c pumpkin, 4g SF/FF cheesecake pudding mix, tiny bit vanilla extract blended and frozen for pumpkin “icecream” & topped with 1/4 sheet low fat graham cracker

Training – OFF
Cardio – 45 min total
15 min treadmill jog 5.5mph @ 5.0 incline
20 min stepmill fat burner mode level 10
10 min treadmill incline walk 3.5mph @ 7.5 incline
Extra Stuff – another long stretch, abs (getting better about doing these!)
3×20 captain chair leg raises
3×20/side bicycle (tried to go slooowww)
3×15 decline bench crunch w/ 10# med ball

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6 Responses to Yay for TBL Tuesday!!!

  1. Mellissa says:

    Love TBL- I am committed to watching a whole season this year!

  2. LisaOU11 says:

    I'm so excited about TBL tonight too! I think I could do a comp diet with what you eat! All those meals sound yummy. I wish we had a TJ's–those jalapeno chicken sausages sound yum! I love your blog, but miss your comments around o2! You are always a breath of fresh air.

  3. Jessica says:

    I CANT WAIT for TBL!!!! Love it! Fall is my favorite season as well..everything is so beautiful, smells wonderful, and the chilly weather means it's time to snuggle up!

  4. Mandy says:

    YAY TBL!!! Wish we could watch it together :(And let me know how you like your dessert…sounds like something I would like 🙂

  5. SuperDots says:

    I watched TBL and it was awesome!Hope your sister was able to make it!Dotsie

  6. peanutbutterfingers says:

    The Biggest Loser is the BEST! I LOVE BOB!

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