Happy Birthday Baby Michael Cooper

Time to post up my wrap-up for the day. I am having to do it earlier than usual since I will be gone until later tonight. Anyhoo – I woke up this morning to rain, a general groggy feeling, a VERY hungry tummy…..and minimal motivation. Uh-oh!! Not a good combination by any means. I found myself considering how “bad” a bowl of cereal and a rest day would be for me after I finished my morning oats and while feeding Makenzie. Then, I really took the time to THINK about how I was feeling and knew it was something that could be pushed through. So, I took a moment of prayer, asking for strength and was able to find it and get myself to the gym and away from the kitchen cupboard. I did a chest and back training session and it went very well. Topped that off with some cardio. And have now been going through the rest of the day as normal. 

The day wasn’t 100% normal though. My sister-in-law went into labor late last night/early this morning, and my nephew Michael Cooper was born this afternoon. So I will be heading out once Peter gets home from work to go and visit them all in the hospital. She delivered at the same place I did, so I imagine it will be sort of surreal going back there, considering it was already basically a YEAR ago that I was there giving birth to my doll Makenzie. Due to this excursion I will have to be getting dinner on the road. I am opting for a ChickFilA grilled chicken salad with no cheese and bringing my own dressing already measured out to the gram. 😉 Still fits perfectly in my macros so all is good there. I am ON and plan on staying ON!!! 

Macros – 131 Carbs / 138 Protein / 34 Fat
meal 1 = oats, dried mixed fruit, All the Whey cinnamon bun protein
meal 2 = southwest eggbeater & mushroom scramble, apple, maple TJ’s sausage
meal 3 = ground turkey/salsa/ff cheese/taco season, cucumbers, strawberries
meal 4 = All the Whey chocolate protein & 8oz chocolate unsweet almond milk, pb
meal 5 = CFA Grilled Chicken Salad, 2T Newmans Own Honey Mustard dressing
meal 6 (dessert!) = oatmeal iced cookie Lunabar

Superset 1 
BB Row

12×65# / 10×75# / 3sets 8×85#
BB Bench
12×75# / 10×85# / 3sets 8×95#

Superset 2
Hammerstrength High Row

10×40#,side / 3sets 10×45#,side
Hammerstrength Decline Press
12×30#,side / 8×35#,side / 2sets 6×40#,side

Superset 3 
Cable Row

10×85# / 10×90# / 8×95# / 6×100#
Incline DB Flyes

4sets 10×20#,side

Superset 4 
DB Row

3sets 12×30#,side
DB Bench

3sets 10×30#,side

Cardio – 15min uphill intervals & 15min steady state
intervals = 30sec @ 3.5 / 60sec @ 7.5 all with 5.5 incline
steady state = elliptical 60-70 rpm level 5

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4 Responses to Happy Birthday Baby Michael Cooper

  1. Mandy says:

    Hey sweets! Congrats on being an auntie:) be sure to shrae some pictures of him!Good job getting through the tough morning. I hate days that start like that and I'm not even prepping for a show. Good for you for sticking to your plan! You rock!

  2. Heather says:

    Congrats Auntie 🙂 Way to get going this morning too! I think we all have those "screw it" days but a little prayer & a little heavenly nudge makes things okay!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Congrats on the new baby in the fam! Way to go on the workout – amazing what a little prayer does! Love it!When does your suit arrive?Miss ya on O2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Amy

  4. Jessica says:

    I have to give you props because I cannot count the number of times I tried to talk myself into it 'being ok' to have a bowl of cereal just this 1 time during prep. Way to push through. And congrats on your nephew!

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