A Not So Eventful Weekend

This weekend was one of the only downtime weekends we have coming up and I fully enjoyed it. I spent the time getting back on track with my workouts through a good spin session yesterday and a pumped up weights session today. I watched some good SEC football – wishing Florida lost but happy my Dawgs won. I did a lot of reading as well. I finished the Sophie Kinsella book Twenties Girl which I really, really enjoyed after getting into it. I even cried at the end even though it is a completely silly storyline! I recommend the book though. Now I am 1/3 into the final Harry Potter. I’m excited to see what happens – don’t spoil it for me! The rest of the time was spent relaxing, waxing, and enjoying a dinner out with the hubs. I enjoyed some steamed shrimp and vegetables at a favorite Chinese restaurant last night and it was nice. Although I will admit to hankering for some delicious sushi rolls that I will have to wait a bit longer for. ‘Twas a nice, chill weekend. The last for awhile. Here is what is going on all the upcoming weekends up until my show:

  • Sep 26 = friend’s baby shower I am helping throw
  • Oct 3 = going to watch a SNBF show to see what my show will be like
  • Oct 8-11 = go to Florida with friends
  • Oct 17 = ONE weekend with NO plans! although Peter already has an idea he wants to do
  • Oct 24 = Makenzie’s 1st Birthday party
  • Oct 31 = UGA vs Florida game (biggest game of the season) & M’s “1st” Halloween
  • Nov 7 = SHOW DAY!!!!
Looking at that it is hitting me that my show will be here in the blink of an eye. Wow! Gotta stay focused!!! And now I’ll wrap-up this post with the weekend’s fitness wrap 😉

Training = OFF
Cardio = 60 min Spin Class
Extra Prep = OFF (unless you count the wax)
Macros = 210 C / 40 F / 125 P
1 – coffee/Dymatize whey shake
2 – Kashi & Cinnamon Special K mix w/ unsweet vanilla almond milk
3 – Joseph’s Lavash wrap/turkey/lettuce/tomato/onion/pickles/mustard, cucumber, strawberries
4 – Muscle Milk Light Chocolate RTD, Clif Z Kids bar (while out running errands and before my appt)
5 – steamed shrimp and vegetables (NO sauce BOO!)
6 – skinny cow icecream while watching the UGA game

Training = Upper
Cardio = OFF
Extra Prep = OFF
Macros = 145 C / 38 F / 125 P
1 – Joseph’s Lavash French Toast (1/2 wrap cooked in .5c eggbeaters), omelet (.5c eggbeaters & mushrooms), apple
2 – Joseph’s Lavash wrap/turkey/lettuce/tomato/onion/pickles/mustard, cucumber, strawberries
3 – chocolate All the Whey, unsweet choc almond milk
4 – homemade roasted veggies, turkey tossed in tom sauce, ww pasta
5 – greek yogurt, pb, chocolate All the Whey frozen as “icecream”

Circuit 1 – 4sets
Wide Lat Pulldown

12×85# / 3sets 8×100#
Incline BB Bench

12×65# / 3sets 8×80#
Narrow Lat Pulldown

12×75# / 3sets 8×85#
Incline DB Bench

12×30#,side / 3sets 8×35#,side

Circuit 2 – 4sets
Underhand BB Row

2sets 10×75#, 2sets 8×80#
Flat Flyes

4sets 10×20#,side
Wide Cable Row

10×60#, 3sets 8×70#

10×60#, 3sets 8×70#
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2 Responses to A Not So Eventful Weekend

  1. Mandy says:

    Sounds like a nice relaxing weekend, Tina bina! Miss you guys!

  2. Heather says:

    I keep trying to comment but it never lets me so I'll keep trying anyway :)I just realized that my bridal shower is on M's bday 🙂 Yay!!!! lol

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