Thanks Be to God

The rest of the day went as planned. I got some cleaning done, play time, the gym, and relaxed with dinner and So You Think You Can Dance after some devotional reading with Peter. Makenzie and I even got out for a quick, light 20 min stroll before lunch. It is absolutely beautiful out right now and I adore fall so I couldn’t pass up a light walk, even if my body is a little on the tired side. While strolling this afternoon, my mind wandered to prayerful time and I spent it all just thanking God immensely. It was nice to see that drop this morning and while I want to say “thank you” to everyone for the compliments and virtual high-fives I realize that I most need to say thanks to the Big Man. Without Him I am nothing, but with my faith in Him I can do or be ANYTHING. In reality – He is the only reason I am making the progress I need to make. Consider the things that go into prep –

  • TIME – he blesses me with the opportunity to stay at home and not have the added time/stress of work so I can continue to focus on the important things and fit in the workouts for prep
  • SUPPORT – he blesses me with a caring husband who is there for me doing whatever it takes to help me get what needs to be done done, with friends who understand my endeavor and don’t try to hinder my goals, with family who will be there rooting for me on show day
  • HEALTH – if He wanted to He could incapacitate me physically, but instead God chooses to give me the physical strength to do all of my workouts
  • FINANCES – we are able to afford the healthy meals for our family, the suits, the gym memberships, the tanner/makeup/waxing/etc that goes into a good prep…in this economy Peter finding his new job with better pay is truly a miracle and blessing done by Him
  • DETERMINATION – it is said over and over in the Bible that God is your strength and will lift you up…my will power can’t carry me through, only knowing that when I am weak there is someone backing me up gives me the motivation and strength to keep on keeping on
So, while yes I am the one doing the workouts, eating the right things, putting in the sweat and growling tummies, it is still not my complete doing. So give credit where credit is due. Thank you Lord for ALL you do in my life!
Today’s Stuff
Training: Chest & Back – all 4×8-10

lat pulldown
incline bb bench
one arm db row
db bench

underhand bb row
flat db flyes
cable row
hammerstrength bench

Cardio: 50 min SS elliptical 

Extra Prep Stuff: None
Macros – 253 C / 41 F / 151 P
meal 1 = pumpkin protein pancakes (1sc All the Whey cinnamon PP, 50g eggbeaters, .5c pumpkin) w/ .25c SF syrup & pumpkin pie spice
meal 2 = 1c Kashi GoLean/1c Frosted MiniWheats/10oz unsweet vanilla almond milk, omelet (100g southwestern eggbeaters/1 TJs apple chicken sausage)
meal 3 = wrap (Joseph’s Lavash wrap, 3oz chicken, .5T light mayo, .5T dijon, 20g lettuce, 20g red onion), 115g apple, 100g cucumbers
meal 4 = 8oz unsweet chocolate almond milk/1sc All the Whey chocolate PP, luna bar
meal 5 = 4oz chicken/50g red bell pepper/100g sugar snap peas/.5c brown rice stirfry
meal 6 = skinny cow icecream sandwich
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One Response to Thanks Be to God

  1. peanutbutterfingers says:

    i love this post. when i'm out walking sadie in the morning sometimes i feel overcome with gratitude for everything wonderful in my life. i loved reading this!

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