Disappearing Act

Okay, okay. I know I disappeared for awhile there. Oops! I am going to get back into the swing of blogging because I like the mental outlet. I want to share my thoughts with friends & family without it having to be in a solely fitness realm. I am planning to focus more on using this as a place to discuss my life in general and not so much focus on the fitness aspect of it all. AKA live up to the title of getting more out of LIFE and not just a competition life. Obviously, since that part of my life I have fully decided no longer exists and will not exist again in the future. 

So, let’s get started with that. I hope everyone here in the US had a fabulous Thanksgiving. Ours was nice. We had my parents, sister, and uncle over at our house for a Thanksgiving lunch. Then, we went to hubby’s parents house for dinner and dessert. I was quite the stuffed one after that. I believe Makenzie has decided that Thanksgiving is her favorite holiday. She sampled all the delicious foods and definitely enjoyed her share. It was so funny – when we pulled up her shirt to look at and blow on her full little belly, she started patting it like a satisfied grandpa. LOL Although the diapers that followed on Friday morning were not quite that cute. Ewwww…..

In other news – my sister and I went to see New Moon yesterday. I loved it! I think it was done much better than Twilight and I really like how the movie follows the book well, besides a few very minor discrepancies. I am very excited for the 3rd and 4th in the series, as those books are by far my favorites. And, for the record, I am team Edward all the way. That devotion and intensity just can’t be beat. Although, Jacob wins in the hot body department. Call me a teenage schoolgirl – I don’t care! I love the books and the movies.

Today, I woke up and finally got a workout in. I haven’t worked out since Tuesday. I’ve just been too busy with the holiday. Perhaps lazy too. I did a 1 hour kickbox DVD here at home. It felt wonderful to get moving again. I really, really need to get back into the habit of working out more regularly. Since the competition, I have worked out I think 6 times total. That is due to battling illness, Makenzie battling illness, going back too hard at first and being too sore to move for almost a week, and then busy with the holiday. I know that since this is the holiday season, I cannot allow myself to get out of the habits of taking care of myself. That is all too easy for me. I want to be healthy and happy. I want to honor the body and health I have been blessed with. I honored it with rest, but now I have to honor it with a healthy dose of regular activity. My body is my temple and I will take care of it here on out. Now, with that being said. I will close this post and go do my daily devotional reading – another thing I have to get back into better habits with. Geez, I have quite a bit of room for improvement these days, huh?

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2 Responses to Disappearing Act

  1. FitCrazedMomma says:

    Welcome back! ;)SO funny about Baby M and the food and the diapers….oh my! Ha I can relate!! Looking forward to your posts again!

  2. ktbwood says:

    Hey girl!! Welcome Back!!I am SO glad you found my blog-I cant wait to read more of yours. I love how open you are about your faith too! It is so encouraging-and your comment was SUPER encouraging.You are so beautiful!! That is so cool you do fitness competitions!

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