Productive Start

Quick morning post, since I was fortunate enough to get my workout groove on early. Yippee skippy!!! I trained back/bis/tris this am and then rocked it out in a spin class. This is the first chance I have had to do spin in almost a month! GAH! It is normally my cardio of choice so it was weird to be away from it due to crazy holiday schedules and snotty noses. I enjoyed my workout, but did have one sad moment. I tried to warm up with a set of pullups, but my stamina for those has disappeared. Well, dang!!! I never had energy for them during competition prep, and so it just goes to show — don’t use it, ya lose it. I was rocking out sets of 8 for a time there. Today I got one. Hrmph. So, I’ll just make this positive and say my new goal is to build up my pullup reps again. *thumbs up*

After the gym, I went by the grocery store to pick up a few essentials we were out of. Then it was home to have my big morning breakfast and do my devotional reading. Now, I need to get my caboose moving and start crack’a’lacking on decorating our tree, a load of laundry, and some cleaning. Also, I have to get some things organized for my tutoring session this afternoon (this boy is going to pass Spanish if it’s the last thing I do!!!) and also get working on Sunday’s church group lesson/discussion. Busy day ahead…ciao!!!

My Morning Workout
Cardio = 45 min Spin Class = sweaty mess
Training = Back/Bis/Tris
underhand bb row – 65# x 12, 75# x 10, 85# x 8, 95# x 6 x 2sets
lat pulldown = 90# x 8 x 2 sets, 100# x 8 x 2 sets
wide grip machine row = 70# x 8 x 2 sets, 75# x 8 x 2 sets
machine preacher curl = 45# x 10 x 3 sets
1 arm overhead db extension = 15# x 12 x 2 sets/side, 20# x 8/side

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One Response to Productive Start

  1. Krista says:

    Pullups are definitely one of those you have to be consistent with, I learned the hard way earlier this year too! Nice morning workout, we would be great partners because we lift very similar weights. Have fun with the tree!

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