Random Truths

For today’s post, I will list out a few random things that came to me throughout the day today….enjoy my ADD thoughts πŸ˜€

1) Pink Lady Apples = MMMMM …. I had my first pink lady today. I am normally a gala gal, but they didn’t have any spiffy galas this week at the store so I opted for the pink ladies. Quite yum! Tasted kind of like a pink starburst at times.

2) I want odd gifts this year for Christmas. The main gift I will be getting will be from Peter’s mom since she has me for his family’s gift exchange since my side of the family and Peter & I decided not to do gifts this year except for Makenzie. So I have been brainstorming what to ask for since it is my one gift so I want to make it useful. You know what I came up with? A book light, some bigger/nicer coffee mugs, or a calendar. Wow. Haha!

3) Makenzie has inherited my weirdness. She is an odd little girl. She was running around with a clear plastic bucket that normally holds her blocks on her head. All. Afternoon. And was very amuzed. Works for me. She also adores green beans and was begging for more, more, more green beans at lunch with an almost complete grilled cheese sandwich cut up waiting to be eaten. I would have chosen the sandwich.

4) She is also so smart! Maybe just a little biased…but…She can say please when she wants something by clasping her hands together. She will say “Teddy” when she is ready for bed/naptime. She knows where her hands/feet/nose/mouth/eyes/ears/belly are. And she will play with books all day long…well, minus when running with buckets on her head. And getting mischevious. See #5.

5) 3 Hours is how long you can go with an unharmed Christmas tree and a 13 month old in the same house. Yep, 3 hours after getting the decorations up (aka 1 hour after naptime, 30 minutes into playtime) we had our first casualty. Luckily it was just a silver bulb. I thought I had all the breakable ones out of her reach. But apparently the little goober is able to reach higher than I thought.

6) People who gripe about Christmas music playing irk me. It’s cheery. It’s fun. It’s one month a year. Now stop whining! Sounds like you need it the most!

7) All the Whey protein powder is by far the best protein powder ever! Cake batter and chocolate. Strawberry is quite decadent too. And the cinnamon is perfection for protein pancakes. AND I am looowwwww. Must get on restocking ASAP! If Peter’s mom knew how to handle ordering things online I would ask for this for Christmas. LOL

Now I will close you out with some Christmas tree photos πŸ™‚

Some favorite ornaments – Makenzie’s 1st Ornament, UGA (my alma mater), a mini photo of my 1st Christmas, and a beautiful cross…plus M’s casualty.

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8 Responses to Random Truths

  1. Mellissa says:

    Your tree looks so pretty!

  2. Jamie says:

    Beautiful Tree! I love looking at the ornaments I've collected over the years πŸ™‚

  3. starya80 says:

    I love your tree and I love random thoughts. When you order All the Whey do you buy the isolate or the blend? I'm looking to try some, since it's whey cheaper than BSN LD.

  4. peanutbutterfingers says:

    the pics of your tree are awesome!!!

  5. lisaou11 says:

    beautiful tree! love hearing your random thoughts–it makes me want a lil one of my own πŸ™‚ Someday!!PS–if you like Pink Ladies, try honeycrisp!! So good!

  6. SuperDots says:

    Love the thoughts–especially the Christmas music one! LOLThe pictures are great! Really love the ornaments!Dotsie

  7. Morgan says:

    Nice tree, wow, good job! Sounds like a lot of nice things going on in here, LOL, you sound like me with your protein powder like me and my nutbutters!

  8. Melissa says:

    First, AMEN on the Christmas music!! I would listen to it all year around if I wanted to…I don't…but I would!!! Second, oh those babies and trees!!! It's fun stuff!!! Maddie's in a walker and can officially grab the lower branches. Yikes!!!Your tree is beautiful and I LOVE the ornaments! Looks like my tree! I have all of mine from when I was a kid (got one every year), plus the ones we've acquired. Time to start weeding out! Have a great time ringing in the season, Tina!

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