Goodlife (Belated) Sunday

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am loving the series we are currently doing in our Sunday group. I figured it was time to bring back my Goodlife Sunday posts to share a bit about what we’re studying. Disclaimer: I do not intend to force my beliefs on anyone, but I do believe it is part of my “job” as a Christian to share what I can. Each of you can take what you want from anything I write. Fortunately, the Bible and the topics it covers are very relative to everyone. Plus, I know some of you reading may not get to church as regularly as you might like or be wondering what there is to being a “Jesus lover” and what exactly faith is all about. It’s not always the stereotype you might think of.

Currently we are studying a video series by Ray Vander Laan called Faith Lessons on the Promised Land.

This series focuses on different historical facts about the time period and events in which important people such as Abraham, Moses, and Joshua lived. The concept behind the study is the more we are able to understand the context in which the events of the Bible occurred, the more we will be able to accurately apply them to our lives and use the lessons to strengthen our own faith and understanding of who God is and all He can do. And I would have to agree with this. I have never been big into history, but the things I have been learning in this study are so helpful and have certainly worked to aide my understanding of the Bible and things I am expected and desired to do in order to more fully live the walk of a believer.

The thing that stuck out to me the most from this past Sunday’s lesson was how God can and will use even the meekest and seemingly unworthy of people. We looked at the genealogy of Jesus that is listed in Matthew 1:1-16. In the genealogy there are 42 generations. Of those,  not including Mary, only four of them list the mother. You would probably think that the women listed were mighty believers, women of an immense faith who had done no wrong, who were “worthy” of God’s grace and being included in such a masterful plan. Ummm…..wrong!! Let’s take a quick run down of who these women are. Tamar = pretended to be a prostitute and slept with her father-in-law to pay him back for not marrying her to his other son when her husband died. Rahab = actually was a prostitute for her living. Ruth = worshiped other gods and was part of a people who God despised. Bathsheba = committed adultery with a king (king David in fact) and didn’t get too upset when her lover murdered her husband. Sounds like these ladies should be The Real Housewives of the Bible instead of the women Jesus would eventually come from, eh?

Now, have you ever thought poorly of yourself? Come on! We’re ladies here. Of course we all have!! I think it’s 100% in our nature to think something negative about ourselves or doubt ourselves on a daily basis. Why do we do this? If we consider that God can turn around the lives of women like Ruth, Rahab, Bathsheba, and Tamar (come on – sleeping with your hubby’s daddy??!!?)….then why can we not accept that we are loved by the most important man EVER? God CREATED us, carefully and with pure love. He allowed his one and only son to DIE for us, so he could save us. He wants you to be fulfilled more than any person could ever do so. You are worthy. You are so worthy that the creator of the universe is always by your side, whispering to your heart that He loves you and will do great things for you. So, lift up your chin….pull those shoulders back….stand up straight….smile big….and know that no matter what your past looks like. No matter what you are struggling with now. No matter what anyone else tells you. You are special. You are worthy. Amazing, huh? Who doesn’t want to hear a message like that? Right on sister!!! Be beautiful! Be strong! Be who God created you to be….100% YOU!

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