My Eye Is A Day Late

I woke up this morning with PINK EYE. I guess my eye got a belated memo and was trying to still celebrate Valentine’s Day. This is the first time I have ever had pink eye. And I’m no fan. But, really…who would be? A hypochondriac maybe? I digress. And on top of the pink eye fun I think I have some sort of flu bug. I have had bodyaches, nausea, still have a bad headache that won’t go away, and overall blahness. If I didn’t know any better I would swear I’m pregnant. I feel the exact same as I did about 6 weeks in the last time. But a visit from Aunt Flo proves me otherwise…and leaves me with the result of just being plain ol’ sick and nasty. I’m going to cut this short now because I just want to curl up on the couch with my book and a blanket and a prayer that baby M won’t be a handful today. Ha! Riiiigggghhhttt. Not with the ‘tude she is throwing these days.

Good news, though! Just because I have to cut this short, doesn’t mean you have to go without a dose of Tina. 😀 Head over to Vee’s blog to check out an interview with yours truly. I know we would both appreicate it! 😉

And since I had so much fun answering the questions for her, I thought it would be fun to participate in all of this Q&A that is going on in the blog world right now. I love learning more about all of you and would love to share more about me as well. So drop me a line in an email at with a question you would love for me to answer. It can be about anything! Mundane, serious, whatever!

And lastly – the results of Fun Fact Friday. I gave you all the weekend to ponder. And once again I have done it! Fooled a good many of you! I do not have a tattoo. I have a severe fear of needles and would never ever put myself through that process. So, it is true that I have a brother! He lives in Arizona and I only get to see him a few times a year. Since my blog is more about daily stuff and I don’t see him often (like I do my sister), I know he doesn’t get brought up a lot. I love him a ton though. He is coming into town tomorrow to stay for a few weeks with my parents and I cannot wait to see him this weekend and more in the next couple of weeks. 🙂 I will hate to see him go back home…but he has work and his boyfriend (yes, I said boyfriend) in AZ so that will sadly happen.

Well, time for me to skidaddle to the couch! Ciao!!!

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13 Responses to My Eye Is A Day Late

  1. chrysta says:

    hey hon! So sorry to hear you are feeling under the weather. I hope you feel better!! Rest up girl! I hope you have fun with you family too! I always get excited when mine fly in to visit me. Have an awesome day! Take care!!

  2. Hope you feel better soon!!! That sucks!!

  3. oh noo pink eye is the worst. Is there anything you can take for it? I hope your baby doesn’t catch it, too. I know it spreads like wildfire. feel better!!

  4. Aww, I’m sorry about your “festive” eye 😦 Hope you feel better tomorrow!

  5. Melissa says:

    Hehehehe, I love the opening sentence to this post, Tina!

    Sorry I’ve been MIA in the blog world…I’m back and at it now. I hope you feel better soon…pink eye is nothing to mess around with.

    About M’s ‘tude…trust me…it gets better…and then it gets worse. Hannah’s CONSTANTLY throwing the nice little 3-year old fit at me…the ones where she thinks she’s about 30 years old. Woo. The corner’s her best friend these days. Haha.

  6. kbwood says:

    hahah love this!! ahh i hope u feel eye is sooo annoying!

  7. sophia says:

    Hee, I have a brother, too. He lives in VA, and I adore him to death, though we are 180 degrees different from each other.

    I hope your pink eye goes away! Best of luck!

  8. ICK! Hope you feel better soon!

  9. Vee says:

    I hope you feel better soon! Thinking of you!
    Can’t believe you fooled me again, I’m determined to get the next Fun Fact Friday right! 🙂
    And thanks again for an awesome interview, I really appreciate it.

  10. Hope you have a fantastic visit with your brother!

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