Fun Fact Friday & The ATL

Fun Fact Friday! Ready to learn another interesting thing about me? Well, here ya go…

  1. I once “borrowed” an old research paper from a friend who went to a different school to use as my essay in a Political Science class.
  2. I cheated on one of my ex boyfriends for over a year and to this day he has no clue.

So I have not always been so virtuous. But where does my dishonesty happen? In the classroom? Or the bedroom? Hmmmm….What do you think? Can’t wait to read your answers! πŸ˜€

Speaking of answers, I’m still open to answering your questions. Ask me anything! I’m still waiting for some more Q’s to add to future posts. Click me. πŸ™‚

Now…all about ‘da ATL! Today I hit up downtown Atlanta, more specifically the Atlanta Airport, to have lunch with Lindsey before her flight to see her family, friends, and man in Ohio. Lindsey is one cool chick who shares a similar mindset about healthy eating and fitness. We actually met through an online fitness forum last year and enjoyed talking so much that we just had to meet in person when we got the chance. This is our second time getting together outside of screen time and it was great. πŸ™‚

We ate at Atlanta Bread Company in the airport to make it easy for her traveling time. I got the half and half combo with the balsamic bleu salad and half a chicken salad sandwich. I love that combo. Mmm mmmm! And I JUST realized that I did not get any pictures while we were out. 😦 I get distracted too easily, what can I say? We shared some good conversation and laughs over Makenzie and her antics. I can’t wait to get together again…although I look forward to not having to bring the little monkey along for that one since she takes up too much attention with her I-need-a-nap-now antics.

So, since no post is complete without at least SOME pictures, I thought I would include some things that I saw on my drive through the city that reminded me of various things I experienced here growing up.

The Georgia Dome

In high school, when the Superbowl was played in Atlanta, a local news station had a competition for cheerleading teams to make up a routine about the Superbowl. The top 5 routines sent in were shown on Good Day Atlanta and were then asked to perform at the Dome for the Atlanta Falcons. Our cheerleading team was one of those recognized and it was a really cool experience to be down in the Dome.

The Fox Theatre

I love the Fox! I have had quite a few fun memories here. From going to see my first ballet and play with school fieldtrips or with the fam, to my first prom with my first love (even if it wasn’t love until later in our 7 year on again off again madnessΒ relationship).

Centennial Olympic Park

I passed by the Olympic Torch of Atlanta on my drive today and it reminded me of all the excitement I felt in 1996 when the Olympics were held here. I was in middle school and we went down to where the Olympics were held a few times and it was so much fun. I LOVED the Olympics then. Funny how now I haven’t been as into them. I think I’ve always been more into the summer sports though.

The Georgia Acquarium

I think this one speaks for itself. So cool to see all the different sea creatures up close! And it was even more special when we went this past year with our good friends Mandy and Jerry & Makenzie’s best friend Bella during their visit from out of town. The little girls were so cute looking at all the fishies!

Little Five Points

Lots of cool restaurants and shops. We will be going here to eat tomorrow at the restaurant where my sister works. So cannot wait!

The Westin Hotel & Restaurant

This is a classy hotel with a restaurant at the top that spins to give diners a view of the city. I had my 16th birthday party here. We ate at the restaurant and then stayed overnight in one of the rooms. It was fun having a sleepover in a swanky place without the parentals.

Those are just SOME of the fun things to do in Atlanta. I mainly focused on things I saw while driving through and the memories they brought up for me. After all, I had lots of time to look around with another thing Atlanta is known for…


I WISH I had pictures of all of the old times. I’ll have to see about getting old pictures from my parents’ and getting my scanner to work to show you all some old photos. It would be interesting to say the least. πŸ˜‰

  • What are some places or things you love about where you’re from or that bring back fun memories?
  • Anyone out there from the Atlanta area? It’s so much fun to find people of similar interests and meet them in person after knowing them through the online world. In a non creeper way of course.
  • What is your favorite type of sandwich to get from a deli? I’m a southern gal so chicken salad is usually my fave. It has to be chunky though and more savory than just a bunch of mayo blended with chicken. Blech!
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14 Responses to Fun Fact Friday & The ATL

  1. hmm I think the political science essay one is probably right. I can’t picture you cheating on someone!

    My fav deli sandwich is either grilled cheese (boring I know!) or veggie.

  2. LindsayRuns says:

    Not from atl, but right now my best friend lives there… I’ll be visiting this summer, I’ll have to visit you too!! πŸ™‚

  3. Danielle says:

    haha you are brave for admitting that dishonesty πŸ˜‰ But kudos

    You had your sweet 16 in that hotel?? Jealous. I’m from MD so I have memories of going to the Chesapeake bay and attempting to wake board. Key word: attempt

  4. Heather says:

    I’d have to go with the essay one. Your half and half combo sounds fantastic!

  5. lisaou11 says:

    so jealous you got to meet with Lindsay! I hope to meet both of you one of these days!

    I went to the Olympics with my mom in Atlanta. Such a fun experience. I was 11 and we got to see the Womens Gymnastic Team win the Gold…remember when Kerri Strug hurt her ankle and finished her vault anyways and won the gold for the US. I got to see that…one of the most memorable moments of my life!

  6. Ohmygosh I am cracking up at your confessions– you bad girl you! hahahaha! πŸ™‚

    Look at our girls!!! sooo cute!! can’t wait for more recent pictures of them together SOON!

    My favorite sandwhich from the deli… the veggie from Panera. Its red pepper hummus, feta, roasted red peppers on this tomato chiabatta bread or something…I think its the bread. LOL… YUM!

  7. Morgan (from 02) says:

    That was so cool you got to meet Lindsey! I didn’t realize you too were so close!

    What is google reader? Is that a way to keep up with blogs? I try to read some but I forget which ones I posted in.

    For a deli sandwich, that would have to be salami, lots of mayo and provolone cheese, oh and italian dressing!

  8. schacalieu says:

    I’ve never been to Atlanta, but all of your pics make me want to go.

    I’m not a big deli sandwich fan, but where I went to college (Cal Poly SLO) there was High Street Deli and they made the most amazing veggie sandwich with carrots, avocado…pretty much anything you could want.

  9. Nicole says:

    Haha, I love your interesting facts! πŸ™‚

    Home always brings back memories…and my home town. I just love it πŸ™‚

    And deli…turkey and swiss! Mmm mmm!

    Have a great day, Tina!

  10. homecookedem says:

    Great post!! I’ve lived in Atlanta my whole life and have been to all those places you mentioned multiple times!! πŸ™‚ I love the Vortex in Little 5! Great burgers!! πŸ™‚

  11. One of the fun things about where I am from are the lakes. We spend a lot of time skiing during the summer so lakes will always remind me of family fun.

  12. I’m guessing number 1 is correct?

    I’m from the upstate of SC, so I’ve been to Atlanta several times. We took my neice and nephew to the aquarium last summer, and they loved it! Especially the parts where they could touch the sea creatures.

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  14. That is not the 1996 Olympic torch, that is and advertisement first built by sprint.

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