A Different Q & A

A reader yesterday posted this comment and I wanted to give it a proper reply, as well as share with you all as well. And before I begin, I want to state that in no way did I take the comment as hurtful or judgmental. I try to be positive and think people mean the best, so I believe it is genuine inquisitiveness and therefore I will answer properly. 🙂 Let”s get to it. The comment –

Really ?……………did you read page 55? – I totally wanted to like this book but as a young Christian woman I found that part VERY OFFENSIVE and it was full of inappropriate language and sex scenes – on their first date???? really – like I said I would have liked to love this book since I usually like time travel stories but this one offended me – I just think there can be GREAT books & stories without all the language, sex, etc

from one christian mom to the next :)

My reply –

I did reply to her yesterday that I’m not sure what page 55 discussed since I had already returned the book to my local library, but I know there are other things I wanted to clarify from my post about The Time Traveler’s Wife and her questions/comments.

So, to the nitty gritty. When I posted thoughts about predestination and if there is fate,  I solely meant that this book leads you to think about bigger topics than just “oh what a cute love story”. I don’t personally believe in fate or that our lives are not in our control. God gave us free will. I 100% believe He has a plan for us, but it is our responsibilities to trust Him and follow His guidance. His plan will be the most fruitful and He will probably have to control some circumstances to help nudge us in the right direction, but not everything is controlled because we still have the power to choose against God. The book actually solidified my thoughts on this.

As far as the explicit language and more common sexual references in the book, sure I could have done without it. And most definitely it would still have been just as good a book. I agree that a lot of detail about sex and foul language aren’t the most enjoyable things to read and aren’t necessary. However, I look past it if the plot and storyline is enjoyable. I read for entertainment and I liked the creativity of this book. That is what drew me in and kept me going – the intriguing story, the strong characters, and a moving plot.

I guess I could choose not to read books that include such material as a way to make a cultural impact as a Christian, but that would leave me with limited options for a passion of mine. So, instead, I choose to still read these things and I don’t feel bad for it. I skim over/ignore parts I don’t agree with and focus on the story. It works for me. And as for making a cultural impact for God. I just live my life with love and try to show the joy a life in Christ can have. And share my faith, even when it might push some people away. So maybe to some, reading and enjoying books with explicit aspects is a vice and not something I should give good reviews, but to me I spend a lot more time raving about the graces and goodness God brings to my life and that makes a bigger impact. And that’s the impact I want to make. 🙂

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4 Responses to A Different Q & A

  1. well said. the unfortunate truth is that sometimes, no…most of the time it’s difficult to fully avoid those sort of things in today’s world. That’s the norm in our society. I’m not saying we should grow immune to it or accept it, but should we get rid of books and films simply because of a few snippets of ungodly content? it’s a tough call, and not one that I feel qualified enough to make. I think it all comes down to a personal decision based on our personal relationships with God.

  2. AngelFoodie says:

    Very very well said. The very last statement is exactly what I would have said. Perfect, Tina, perfect.

  3. Keri says:

    Intelligent reply…in life it is impossible to avoid things you disagree with (language, situations, people, etc.) I think it takes a stronger person to be able to handle/deal with it in a positive way and not let it bother them than to ignore the situation completely. As you did with the book, you didn’t let it bother you and moved on.

  4. Susan says:

    Life would be pretty boring if I avoided everything that offended me! I bet I would also miss out on a lot of good things by refusing to embrace things I don’t agree with. Wonderful response to this. It’s a lot more effective to take a positive approach than a negative one 🙂

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