Just a couple things I want to get through real fast before I run on to my day. This will probably be one of the quickest post you will ever see from me and my ramblings! 😉
First off = Fun Fact Friday Answer! Yesterday I participated in the Creative Writer blogger award, where I told you six outrageous lies and one truth.
The truth was….#1!! I used to love love love Steven Tyler and think there was just something sexy about him. As he’s gotten beyond old and as I’ve gotten wiser to the drugged out thing isn’t all that attractive, I don’t fancy him much anymore. It also might have to do with the fact that he totally peeved me at the Aerosmith concert I went to last summer. Who has people pay $100 for a ticket and then plays for only 40 minutes?! Still adore Jon Bon Jovi though. Mmm mmm! Can you tell I’m an old school rock fan? 😀
For the record, here is the truthful counterpart to my other lies – Friends is my all time favorite TV show; I am blind as a bat; I love the beach; I tend to drive too fast; I HATE fried chicken; and I traveled to Spain for awhile but didn’t study there. Have I filled your brains with enough “who cares” info on Tina? 😉 Well, make room for more because I ain’t going nowheres! 😀
Now, for our Gnu Bar Giveaway WINNER!!!! The winner is….
Morgan from Live, Love, Eat, & Play!!! Email me at faithfitnessfun@gmail.com with your snail mail address so I can send you your goodies! Congrats!!!!
Ok ladies (and maybe gents?), I’m out to wedding dress shopping for my friend who is getting married in September. This will be my first time being in a wedding and I’ll be the MOH! And tonight will be time with my familia to get in as much visiting with my bro as possible. 🙂 What are your weekend plans?
And check out this giveaway from Danica
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4 Responses to Quickie!

  1. oh have fun wedding dress shopping!! I love dress shopping, it’s so much fun!

    My weekend plans include work today, Avatar tonight, work again tomorrow, and bowling tomorrow night!

  2. Shopping! Yay! My weekend plans including studying, running, eating, thinking about food that they don’t serve in the dining halls, and more studying. Blech.

  3. Nelly says:

    Haha our weekend was dedicated to taxes! FUN
    But now we are done!

  4. Nicole says:

    I love those truths and lies 🙂 So fun to learn such random things about people.

    Congrats to Morgan!

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