Check it Out

Hey everyone! I hope we are all having a great Monday. Today has been fun for us. I will update more on that later, but for now, check out the guest post I wrote for Jessica from The Process of Healing. It is all about Faith, Fitness, and Fun and what they mean to me as part of health. I hope you will read it! πŸ˜€


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4 Responses to Check it Out

  1. Lauren says:

    Hey Tina, I read your guest post on Jessica’s blog and thought I would check out yours. You have a lovely family and I love your philosophies about fitness! I like what you said about focusing on stuff that matters the most, like family, as opposed to obsessing over losing the last ten pounds.

  2. Hey Tina,

    Great post on Jessica’s blog….I really agree that being in tune with something/someone of greater power improves every bit of daily life, especially health and well being.

    Have you ever read any books by Eckhart Tolle? I didn’t grow up in a religious setting so these books were the first to really open my eyes to something ‘larger than us’. I highly recommend “The Power of Now” if you haven’t read it. It tought me to be ‘present’ and differenciate the words in my head vs. my being. Sorry if that’s a little much πŸ˜‰ Just such a life changing book…:)

    Have a great day,


  3. peanutbutterfingers says:

    loved your guest post! you did a great job!

  4. kbwood says:

    LOVED the guest post girl!!
    that bible verse is from The Message bible!! i LOVE that version!

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