Flashback Friday: Par-ee

Hey loves!!! Did you read my 4th installment of the Intuitve Eating series? Be sure to check it out if you haven’t. I am very passionate about this information and want it to reach as many people as possible. 🙂 Now, time for another fun Flashback Friday post. 😀 Last week, I told you about my backpacking through Europe college graduation trip and all about how we kicked things off in London. Now, I will take you to our next destination. Paris! Or, Par-ee as the French say. 😉

We started our trip by taking the Chunnel from London. What a cool ride that was! Train travel is under-rated. It is a very peaceful way to travel. I loved it!

Eurostar Train


The night we arrived to Paris, we went on a dinner boat ride along the Seine River. It was nice to see many of the sights we were excited to see.

We also walked around and just discover many little quaint areas in downtown Paris.

The following morning, we took a short trip to Versailles. Who knew ornate and gaudy could be so beautiful?

But what was even more beautiful? The gardens of Versailles. We had such a good time walking around such gorgeous scenery.

We even enjoyed some lunch Europe style by grabbing a baguette, fresh bread, and gourmet cheese to munch on a park bench. It was fabulous. But we couldn’t stay for long, since we wanted to visit two other must sees. The Arc di Triomphe after walking along Champs-Elysees. Notre Dame, where I couldn’t help but be in awe of the beauty and take a moment to praise God. And the Louvre, where there is just too much to see and take it all in adequately. Amazing!

Arc Di Triomphe

Notre Dame Outside

Beautiful Stained Glass

At the Louvre

Checking out the Art - Venus di Milo

After all of that we were done for the day. We saved the Eiffel Tower for our last day there. It was cool and had some spectacular views up top, but I think Paris has so much more to offer than the Eiffel Tower.

top of tower

the view

Like the food! Hitting up a cozy French cafe was probably one of THE best moments of the trip. My tastebuds have rarely been that satisfied.

Chicken Baguette + Two Pastries = Perfect Shared Meal


I have to say that Paris surprised me. I expected it to be one of my least favorite stops on the trip, but it became (and stayed) a favorite. The French people are not near as rude as they are made out to be. The city is beautiful with lots of gorgeous parks and gardens, which was very different than the iron-clad city I pictured. And so much history and art topped it all off.

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12 Responses to Flashback Friday: Par-ee

  1. Heather says:

    so jealous…i want to visit France so badly! i’ve heard that all you have to do is just be a respectful person (seems like that should be a natural thing anyway) and the French are extremely nice to you. what a gorgeous trip!

  2. Vee says:

    Oh, Paris has a very special place in my heart. I hop on the Eurostar whenever I get a chance. I was even considering moving there for good – it’s just.. my French is very, very bad! 🙂
    I really enjoyed your part 4 of Intuitive eating – your posts are always so inspiring! Thanks!!

  3. Mellissa says:

    Paris is one of my favorite cities! The food, the people watching and all of the walking. Sigh. I can’t wait to go back.

  4. I love Paris! Such a romantic and beautiful city. I remember being blown away by the architect and friendly people.



  5. How wonderful! Sounds like you had a terrific time.

  6. i LOVED paris! I went with I was 16 with my mom for my 16th bday and I totally agree with you! it is put out to be weary of the french and rude, but everyone was so sweet and kind!!

    great pics!

  7. My dad said the same thing about people in France. Lovely pictures:)

  8. PARIS! I love the pictures of Versaille and of your food. I’m planning on going in two years when I graduate but you’re so luck that you already went 🙂

  9. homecookedem says:

    WOW!! What an incredible trip!! Love all these pictures. I’ve always wanted to go to Paris. I wonder if I’ll ever make it there. Need to start saving up now!! 🙂

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  11. I couldn’t agree more about Paris! I thought the people were so nice and helpful. Much nicer than some of the other places I visited in Europe!

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