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Just Another Reminder

…to update your Readers, Blogrolls, and Subscriptions! I’m permanently over at WWW.FAITHFITNESSFUN.COM so head on over. Here’s links to my recent posts in case you missed them over there: Food Festival Highlights Weekend Recap New Intuitive Eating Post Cookie Recipe

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Keeping You Updated

For the next few days or week I will post mini-posts here with links to my posts on the new blog to be sure everyone get the chance to see about the switch and make the switch. If you have … Continue reading

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Guess what I did last night? Or, I should say Peter did. We spent time switching the blog over to my own domain! 😀 So, go ahead and click over to the new…   FAITH, FITNESS, FUN! My posts will … Continue reading

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More Effective Weight-Training

Thanks for the support on my good news! And all the sweet comments on what we can learn from children. If you haven’t checked it out yet, I hope you do. Children sure do wear their hearts on their sleeve. … Continue reading

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Through the Eyes of A Child

Today was a pleasurable day. I went to the gym for a spin class and felt much better today than yesterday during my workout. I kept up with my heart rate to be sure I was maintaining a reasonable level … Continue reading

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Sister Sister

Yesterday was a pretty eventful day. I had my workout in the morning and learned that I can still practice listening to my body. Then, I cleaned and worked on my secret writing project during Makenzie’s nap. I’m excited for … Continue reading

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Great Expectations

Do you ever go to the gym or head out for a run with this wonderful vision of your workout in your mind? That is how I was feeling this morning. I am still at the stage just before all … Continue reading

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Brain Fried Eggs

I never thought my brain could be so fried without having a full time job. It amazes me how much stress you can incur in a day of being mommy, piddling in side jobs like tutoring, venturing out into new … Continue reading

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Evidence of Commitment

The last six weeks our church has been involved in a series of group studies, sermons, and daily readings all focused on how to recognize our commitment to our faith and how to grow that commitment. It was a really … Continue reading

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A Winning Catch-Up

Are you playing catch up from the weekend? A good bit went down here on Faith, Fitness, and Fun. Nothing quite as exciting as last weekend, but I still rambled plenty. Which you would never be able to tell from … Continue reading

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