Triple F Philosophy

Hello readers! Do you want to know what Faith, Fitness, & Fun is really all about? Well, I am going to share my basic ideology of what really makes up true health. I swear by it!


What do you think of when you think of health? Is it being a runner? Being a vegetarian? Doing lots of yoga? Never eating anything processed? Spending lots of time in the gym working on your fitness? Spending lots of time in the kitchen whipping up some nutritious meals? What is “health” to you?

In my opinion, it is so much more than eating right and being active. I find that true health involves 3 basic components. Faith, Fitness, and Fun are the three ideals I try to live by and incorporate into my life for what I consider true health.

Component One – Faith: Many people don’t think of faith as a key component of fitness. But I can tell you that I have gone the gamut from a binger to competing in fitness competitions.


And you know when I feel healthiest? It is only when I am most in tune with my faith. I do not believe in getting preachy, and while I will stand by my belief that Jesus is my savior and openly share about it on my blog, I know that each person has their own beliefs. My point here is there is something so much more to life than counting calories and logging running hours. If we can tap into that and get connected to something on a larger level, our perspectives on how we relate to ourselves and others will change. And for the better.

When I consider what God has done for me, I want to honor my body. I want totreat it with respect. I want to listen to my needs, hunger cues, strengths, and weaknesses. By desiring to honor myself as part of something of creation, I am more inclined to follow through with healthful actions. Also, nothing can compare to the peace and joy a life of faith in something brings. And we all know that stress is harmful to health, so finding joy in faith can only be good. ;)

Component Two – Fitness: This is where I could go on for years. Well, I could go on for years in any topic, but we won’t go there. This is the part about workouts and nutrition. My basic philosophy here is to do what works for you. Do what you love. Choose wholesome foods as often as possible, but don’t feel guilty for eating some Oreo Truffles either. *cough cough* If you like a vegetarian diet, go for it. If you like meat, go for it. Make choices that leave you feeling good and you will reach a natural level of health. Because health feels good and your choices will eventually go the nutritious route naturally. I firmly believe in intuitive eating and loving exercise. If I had my way, there would be no focus on the scale, clothing size, or comparison to others. It would always be about taking each day to strive to be your best and approaching life with balance and moderation. Fitness is not about this….


….it’s about making the best decisions that work for YOU and being confident in them.

Component Three – Fun: Take time to live life! The relationships and opportunities we have should be cherished and enjoyed. No one reaches their death bed and thinks “if only I had weighed 10 lbs lighter, had flatter abs, and a tighter butt”. People do reach their death beds with regrets related to missed opportunities and failed relationships. Don’t be one of them. Mental and emotional health is just as, if not more, important than physical health.Live life to the fullest and have fun!

4 Responses to Triple F Philosophy

  1. jqlee says:

    These are great philosophies for everyone to live by. I love your part about intuitive eating and not focusing on calories, clothing size and scale. I truly wish I could do this myself.

  2. Tara Savage says:

    I want to honor my body. I want to treat it with respect. Thats a great achievable desire. Wonderful tips! Im loving the triple F philosophy!! ❤

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