2 More Days of Prep Fun

Thursday’s Info
Training – Legs & Shoulders
Cardio – Spin Class (AWESOME class!!)
Stuff – did a quick 10 minutes of posing practice
Macros – 128 Carbs / 138 Protein / 31 Fat

Thursday’s Training
Superset 1
12×95# / 8×105# / 3sets 8×115#
Leg Press 
12×140# / 10×160# / 3sets 8×180#
Hammerstrength Overhead Press (weight/hand)
15×35# / 10×40# / 2sets 8×45#

Superset 2
Front Squat
4sets 10×70#
Kneeling Hamstring Curl
4sets/leg 8×30#/side
Machine Rear Delt
3sets 10×50#

Superset 3
High Stepups (weight/hand)
4sets/leg 12×20#
Quad Extensions
4 sets 10×90#
Cable Side Raise
3sets 10×20#/side

Friday’s Info
Training – Arms
Cardio – Turbojam Cardio Party 1
Stuff – none
Macros – 126 Carbs / 134 Protein / 32 Fat

Friday’s Training
warm up of pushups & pullups
7, 5, 5 unassisted pullups
20, 20, 15 pushups

Superset 1
BB bicep curl
4sets 10×40# 
tricep kickbacks (weight/hand)
2sets 12×15# / 2sets 8×20#

Superset 2
Hammerstrength preacher curl
12×50# / 2sets 8×55#
Hammerstrength tricep dip
15×70# / 12×80# / 10×90#

Superset 3 
seated incline hammer curl (wt/hand)
12×15# / 6×20# / 6×20#dropset8x10#
1 arm cable pushdown
10×20# / 8×30# / 8×30#dropset6x20#

Superset 4
concentration curl 
3sets 8×15#/hand
overhead extension
3sets 10×15#/hand

Some notes/thoughts of the previous prep week – I need to get more organized with my posing practice and ab work. Those are two things that are very easy for me to neglect and that I need to incorporate more now that I am 8 weeks out. So, this upcoming week, it will be a goal of mine to make those 2 things a regular part of my plan. I am feeling great as far as the training, cardio, and diet all go. I really really enjoy my workouts and like pushing hard on the weights. Well, as hard as I can with dieting since my strength is already dropping a little on various things (especially legs!). My cardio isn’t killing me either since I am doing things I enjoy, like spin. And I am enjoying my spin even more now. I have recently switched to a closer gym that does not have near as good spin classes as my old gym which was bumming me out because I NEED the hard core spin cardio during prep more than ever. So, my old gym was very nice after I spoke to them and they are allowing me to be a “member” until mid November so I can still go there the few times a week I want to spin. Yippee!!!!  

Last, but certainly not least, I heard from my suit designer that she is hoping to send out my suit by Wednesday of next week. I cannot wait to see it! Too bad I won’t have it in time for my 8 weeks out progress pictures coming to a post near you tomorrow 😉 

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1 Response to 2 More Days of Prep Fun

  1. Mandy says:

    Great workout girl!AND YAY on the old gym letting you stick around for spin during prep! WOOT!Can't wait to see pictures… or your suit! 🙂

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